Camarasaurus 20 Ft.

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Products Desciption
Durable Fiberglass Resin reproduction of the Camarasaurus from our Life Size Dinosaur Collection! This is one believable Dino, from hand painted color contrasts to scaly skin with wrinkles and folds, you'll need to look twice! The name translates to 'Chambered Lizard', referring to the hollow cavities in the spinal chord and head thought to be a second Brain! The philosophy still remains.

List Price: $49,999.99
Discounted Price: $34,499.99!!
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(Weight, lbs): 4850
(LxWxH, ft.): 55.77 x 8.2 x 19.68
(LxWxH, in.): 669.29 x 98.43 x 236.22

  • Model: DIN-EC-Y

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    • Model: DIN-EC-Y

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