Think of the presentation effect of a talking ' prop ', such as a Cow, that makes facial gestures while ' lip syncing ' a message, such as, how good the IceCream is and what is on sale.

We can custom design any Animal, person or cartoon character to have endearing or other gestural motions to uniquely convey a message.

Uncel Sam lif size statue now only $ 1,499

  Uncle Sam life size statue tax seasonSource of Fiberglass custome Display statues Custom life size fiberglass resin outdoor statue - custom animatronics 


Pirate outdoor Fiberglass Statue animatronics animated motorized figure Fiberglass Crocodile  10 ft. Long outdoor statue figure life like plastic 5 Foot Triceratops Dinosaur life like life size statue figure sculpture plastic resin
 Pig life like figure figurine resin plastic outdoor statue Animated horse - life like motorized talking figure statue animated Statue of Liberty fiberglass resin plastic outdoor large statue figure
Animatronic Cow talking life like animatronic robot statue figure Humphrey Bogart life like life sized figure statue resin fiberglass statues Jake and Elwood Statues Blues Brothers statues famous statue plastic resin outdoor life like
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